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DAY 3 – A trip to Tokyo isn’t complete without Tokyo DisneySea! Wait, what? DisneySea? Yes, you read it right! In Japan, there are 2 Disney resorts – Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea.

So how is DisneySea different from Disneyland? DisneySea is more of a sea-based theme park that features several Disney characters.

Before leaving Kinshicho Station, we had breakfast at Vie De France, a French-inspired cafe just outside the station. They sell delicious bread!

In the following sections, you’ll learn everything you need to know before and during your trip to Tokyo DisneySea.

What You Need

  • Park Entrance Ticket
  • Patience
  • Time
  • Lots of ENERGY!

Kidding aside, you only need a park entrance ticket to enter Tokyo DisneySea. But it’s worth mentioning that prior to your trip to DisneySea, you need to plan your itinerary well and be sure to have enough rest a day before and after your intended visit.

Spend at least 1 whole day at the park. Even if you’re in the park the entire day, you still won’t be able to ride on all the rides! If you want to experience every ride, you need at least 2 days at the park. There’s an option to buy a 2-day park entrance ticket. I would recommend just get the 1-day park entrance ticket if you don’t have much time on your trip to Japan. Park operation hours vary so be sure to check on that before you go.

It’s definitely tiring and draining if your itinerary before and after the DisneySea day isn’t ‘chill’. From my personal experience, the day after our trip to DisneySea was our trip to Kawaguchiko and Mt. Fuji. In order to maximize a day trip to the Fujisan area, you need to start your day early. More of this in a different article of course!

Park Entrance Tickets

There are several ways to get a park entrance ticket to Tokyo DisneySea. I’ll discuss three of these options below. I think these 3 are the most common ways to get an entrance ticket.


You can buy your entrance ticket at the park itself. My friends and I went for this option because, at that time, ticket prices walk-in and online are very similar.

Should you walk in as well? Before deciding, check the price online and compare it with the walk-in price. A 1-day park entrance ticket cost about 7,500 yen for adults as of the time of this writing.


Notice: As of 02/19/2020, park entrance tickets are unavailable through Klook.

From what I can recall back in 2018, the park entrance ticket being sold at Klook is 100 to 200 pesos cheaper than the one being sold at the park and on Disney’s website. Check Klook’s website from time to time as it may come back soon.

Disney Website

I’d say for Filipinos, this is the least chosen option when buying park entrance tickets for any Disney park. The price listed on Disney’s website is the same as the walk-in price.

Directions to Tokyo DisneySea

Now that you know everything you need before going to the park, it’s time to know how to get there. But before that, I have a story to share (yey storytelling time!).

On our way to DisneySea, we had to do a change train. Little did we know that the train routes on the track where we were alternatively going to different destinations. Some trains go in the direction of Ichikawa-Shiohama Station (where you should be going), while others go in the direction of Minami-Funabashi Station.

We hopped on the next train. I checked Google Maps just to confirm if we’re going in the right direction. Turns out, we were moving in the wrong direction! We got off at the next station and took the train back to the junction station. It took us about an hour to figure everything out.

So if you’re coming from Nishi-Funabashi Station, or any station above, to the left, or to the right of it, be sure to take the Musashino Line. Knowing this will save you from going through the same trouble we went through.

Alight at Maihama Station and take the exit. Look for the Disney Monorail along the Disney Resort Line. Don’t worry, you won’t get lost. You will know where it is once you’re there.

Disney MonoRail

Where to Eat

I want to start this section by letting you know that can’t eat food from the outside when inside the park. However, if you would like to bring your own meal, you can eat at the picnic area located outside the park. Refer to this link to know the exact location of the picnic area.

My friends and I had our late lunch at Nautilus Galley. We ordered gyoza bun and drinks. It was quite good if you ask me, but pricey! If you got extra cash, then definitely eat inside the park. It saves you the hassle of finding the picnic area and the time that’s going to take to find the picnic area.

Aside from Nautilus Galley, there are several restaurants and snack corners within the park. We decided to eat in Nautilus Galley because they had the shortest queue line. The rest of the restaurants were flooded with guests!

Final Details

We arrived at around 10:30 AM. There were only a few people lining up to buy tickets at the ticket counter so this didn’t take too long. In about 5 minutes, we got our tickets and went to DisneySea!

As soon as we got in, it started to drizzle! The weather since morning was quite gloomy. Luckily, it only lasted for a few minutes.

On a typical day, attraction queue lines can range from as short as 30 minutes to as long as 1.5 hours! I know, it’s crazy! But people really line up for it. To get the most out of your time, try to get a FastPass. I haven’t personally tried, but I suggest that you look into it.

Despite having to wait in line, I enjoyed my stay at DisneySea. At around 8:00 PM +, we rushed to the Piazza Topolino area for the Christmas musical show and the fireworks display.

We ended the day at a Japanese restaurant near our apartment.

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